Space City Sneaker

Space City Sneaker

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In celebration of the second season of Fresh Off The Rail Streetwear fashion week FOTR will launch its new shoe, Space City. Fresh Off The Rail has collaborated with fashion industry influencer, Negris LeBrum to design this unique sneaker. Space City is an innovative sneaker that functions as a standard running shoe. The name of the sneaker represents the illuminating Houston night skyline. The Space City sneaker represents the future of fashion and its new millennial customer that is changing the way we style.


The Space City sneaker is unisex and available for men and women in all white. The amazing features of this sneaker allows the customer to change the light color of each sneaker separately. The customer has complete control in determining what color fits the mood, style or occasion for the day, making Space City the hottest sneaker currently on the market.


For a limited time FOTR will be taking pre-sale orders. Get yours before they're gone!


    Space City sneakers are avaiable on pre-order until March 30th. After this date prices and availability may change.


    In order for refunds to be honored retruens must be submitted within 7 days of receipt of item.


    Space City sneakers are avaiable on pre-order which means your item wion't be shipped until 30 days after the sale. Any items ordered by March 30th will be fulfilled and shipped by April 30th at the latest.